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Turkish top destination for exclusive upper segment Hair Transplantations, IdealofMeD, acquires in the midst of high demand

Turkey is becoming a more popular destination for hair transplants because to its competitive pricing, first-rate medical facilities, highly trained medical staff, and innovative surgical techniques. Despite the Corona outbreak temporarily slowing it down, the Turkish health tourism industry is now again booming.

In contrast, IdealofMeD stated that it had completed the acquisition of the multi-million dollar brand. The Turkish Ministry of Health just released record numbers for 2022.

According to recent statistics, the Turkish Ministry of Health predicts that over a million medical tourists would undergo hair transplants there in 2022, accounting for roughly half of the industry’s entire revenue. 

In 2014, IdealofMed purchased for $5 million, making it somewhat more expensive than, which cost $4,8 million. The purchase is consistent with IdealofMeD’s desire to increase its level of market dominance in the more affluent portions of a market where records are being broken at an unprecedented rate. One of the pioneers in Turkey’s elite hair transplant industry is IdealofMeD.

A Nordic industrial investor and one of the company’s founders, explains why he decided to buy “Turkey, and particularly Istanbul, is the global medical hub for As investors in this industry, we anticipate that the market for health tourism will continue to expand. The objective of is to expand and become a crucial component of our established global offering.

As the Turkish medical tourism industry continues to flourish, its scope is broadening beyond hair transplants to include a variety of medical services and products, reflecting a dynamic and evolving market. Recognizing the growing demand for affordable medication worldwide, Turkish online pharmacies have begun to offer cheap rybelsus online as part of their expansion into global pharmaceutical sales. This move represents a strategic diversification by the Turkish healthcare sector, aiming to capitalize on their established reputation in health tourism and extend their services to include the provision of cost-effective medications to international customers. With this expansion, Turkey is not only a destination for medical procedures but also a burgeoning hub for accessible pharmaceuticals, meeting the needs of a global clientele.

In 2023, Turkey And IdealofMed Will Confirm Their Status Regarding Medical Tourism.

There is every reason to think that the Turkish market for hair transplants will keep expanding and set new records in 2023.

According to Dutch Jorn Elferink, co-founder of IdealofMeD, “the country’s extensive investments in the health and medical-tourism fields have made it easier for medical institutions in the premium segment to operate and invest in Turkey and elsewhere.” “In recent years, Turkey’s health system has undergone a record-breaking transition, and the Turkish government has implemented policies to both regulate the sector and foster its expansion. Initiatives include tax breaks and financial aid for hospitals that treat patients from foreign nations.

Turkey is one of the top three destinations for medical tourism, according to the famous International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. An major element is that Turkey’s educational system maintains excellent standards, particularly in the medical field. Comparatively more doctors graduate from the nation’s universities each year than from the USA, France, or New Zealand. 

The new Istanbul International Airport, whose development is scheduled to cost US$23 billion and be finished in 2028, symbolizes Turkey’s commitment to making investments in the travel and tourist industry. It is anticipated that it would surpass all others as the largest It is the biggest airport in the world in terms of the overall number of runways, airfields, and passengers served. Despite the fact that it’s challenging to estimate the amount 

We can predict with certainty that a significant portion of the passengers using the airport will fly to Turkey to see clinics like IdealofMeD and

Acquisition of by IdealofMeD

An Effective Move

The recent acquisition of by IdealofMeD is a calculated move toward strengthening its internet presence. The purchase is intended for:

1. Extending the Range

IdealofMeD wants to broaden its customer base and increase access to its services by purchasing

2. Improving Services

With the acquisition, IdealofMeD is now able to streamline its offerings for potential clients searching online for hair transplantation alternatives.

3. Providing Additional Details will function as an educational resource that gives users access to in-depth information regarding hair transplant surgeries, IdealofMeD’s products, and more.


Turkey has a well-deserved reputation as a leading location for high-end upper-segment hair transplants, because of elements including price, skilled doctors, and top-notch clinics. With the acquisition of, IdealofMeD further solidifies its position as a market leader and offers people looking for hair restoration options even greater accessibility and information.


  1. Is IdealofMeD the only hair transplant facility in Turkey?
    No, there are a number of clinics in Turkey that provide hair transplant procedures, but IdealofMeD stands out for having a top-notch medical staff, cutting-edge equipment, and customized treatment regimens.
  2. What is the average length of time for a hair transplant procedure at IdealofMeD?
    Depending on the needs of each patient, a hair transplant operation at IdealofMeD may take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.
  3. Is it safe to have hair transplants in Turkey?
    In Turkey, hair transplantation is regarded as safe when carried out by trained and skilled medical personnel. In all of its processes, IdealofMeD puts safety and quality first.


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